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Those firey bodies

Strange beings lurk in the deep sea. Weird life, unlike anything found near the ocean’s surface, and bizarre enough to make anything lucky enough to be dwelling on land spit out its morning coffee in disgust. A pretty high proportion … Continue reading

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The fate of the Saiga

Saiga are medium-sized antelope, found in the plateaus of central Asia. During the Pleistocene (aka, from about 2.5 million years ago until just 12,000 years ago) they were found all the way from the UK; east until Northwestern Canada. In … Continue reading

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The awkward ‘first blogpost’ blogpost

Hi, I’m Dave, an MRes ecology student researching Pyrosome bioluminescence (I’ll describe what the heck they actually are another time). I’ve been telling myself for a while now that when I start a PhD I’d start writing a blog. Scientists … Continue reading

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