This is a page by Dave Bennett, an ecology MRes student at Bangor University, with a Conservation Biology degree from Plymouth University.

I use it for blogging about various ecological, biological and environmental discoveries and issues, both in the UK and around the world. Scientists are perceived as being terrible communicators, and that’s a real problem-if we don’t inform the public about what we find and know, they then must rely on more dubious sources for information, and everyone suffers.

So here’s my little attempt to rectify this! A blog every week or so on something thats got my attention, and is hopefully interesting for others. The frequency depending on how busy I am in the lab…


2 Responses to About

  1. I *LOVE* golden moles! Looked for them the whole time I was in Namibia (didn’t find any though. They’re sneaky.) Great blog!

  2. goldenmole says:

    Thanks! I should probably point out that this page is kinda retired now though-I’m posting on a group page that I host at http://www.forstarsandbeetles.com
    I’d truly love to see a golden mole, I’ve only come across them on an old Attenborough documentary, and loved the idea of a cute critter that essentially swims in the sand. Its been my internet moniker since then 🙂

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