The awkward ‘first blogpost’ blogpost

Hi, I’m Dave, an MRes ecology student researching Pyrosome bioluminescence (I’ll describe what the heck they actually are another time).

I’ve been telling myself for a while now that when I start a PhD I’d start writing a blog. Scientists have gained a serious reputation for being piss-poor communicators, and that’s definitely not a trap I’d like to fall into, and so regularly writing for the public seems a good way to try and practise communicating research. Plus by the nature of the PhD you develop a kind of academic tunnel-vision, spending three years looking into a single issue; forcing yourself to synthesise new research in other areas sounds like a great idea.

Anyways, long story short I keep having quite a bit of downtime whilst running PCR (genetics magic), so decided I’d start early, whilst on my Masters Degree. So here it is!

I’m aiming to post every week or so; occasionally about my own research, otherwise about something ecological/biological/environmental/conservation based, depending on whats new and interesting.

Hopefully this will all go well and we’ll all learn a thing or two. Or it’ll be yet another person’s failed resolution. Whatever.


Tally ho!

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